Why choose us?

Gigabit Connections

Our servers use gigabit ports allowing some of the best speed and reliability possible on the market.

Unlimited Domains

Stop having to pay to use more domains, we've got you covered. We'll even set up your DNS free of charge.

Data Protection

We backup your virtual servers offsite free of charge. Offsite and local.


We're connected to quality ports to ensure your server runs quick and smoothly.


Be one of the first notified when an attack occurs, watch your usage, and more from our control panel.

Server Optimization

We optimize our servers for the best quality and service.

Bug Fixing

Got a bug? Don't freak out! We'll squash the bugs!

Support Center

Speak with our representatives for assistance with virtually anything.

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VPS Hosting

We will be selling VPS Hosting shortly, stay in tune by joining our discord!

XenoNode Server Room

The new server room introduces VPS, Dedicated and Game Server Hosting.